Subductive Freebeats Corporation Presents

Land of the Rising Sun | featuring The Advent

Saturday June 18, 2005
Bay Area Location
Sound by Know:Audio & Gateway
Lighting design by Coil & Radiant Atmospheres
Video installations by Stoptime 341, Neuralocity & Viberation
$20 / $15 pre-sale
Directions posted to 510 287 5917 day of event
Presales are available at:
Distractions | (415) 252-8751 | 1552 Haight St. San Francisco
Skills | (510) 704-9876 | 2566 Telegraph Ave. Berkeley
If you can't make it to a pre-sale location, contact dj_yap at hotmail dot com to discuss alternatives

Mountain and river, grass and tree, grow more barren;
for ten miles winds smell of blood in the fresh battlefield.
At home geishas prepare to welcome and revive us;
outside Ohdub Castle, we stand in the rising sun.

Samurai demonstrations in the Shou-Ten Proving Grounds

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Subductive Freebeats Corp.

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