Subductive Freebeats Corporation Presents


Come join us at Westworld... for the vacation of a lifetime!

Saturday April 16, 2005

Guest entertainers for the evening:

Tony Rohr - Live PA (Hidden Agenda NYC) -

Freaky Chakra - Live PA (Astralwerks) -

Boreta - Live PA (Semisexual) -

Morpheme (Metamorphmuses)

With your hosts for the evening:

DJ Yap (Freebeats) -

Plateshifter (Subductive) -

SF Bay Area Location

Info-line: 510-287-5917

$10 cover

Sound by Gateway & Tenderloft

Saloon by Subductive Freebeats Corp.

New fangled "moving pictures" by Neuralocity
Play the Westworld Game:

Shootout at the
Westworld Corral

Download a brochure:

Brochure front

Brochure back